Tuesday, March 20, 2007

There's Nothing Wrong With a Bad Boy...
Roll with him...or away from him
By Najeem

You just have to know what you are getting yourself into: a Bad Boy is smooth, unhurried, sexy as hell and above all confident. When properly attired, a Bad Boy can stop traffic. And when properly 'unattired' a Bad Boy will have you trying to remember your name. Bad Boys have washboard abs, well-muscled legs, biceps that raise eyebrows (but don't scare you away) and of course lips designed for kisses that leave you breathless. They also have that ever-present look in their eyes: "Oh the wicked things I plan to do to you."

A Bad Boy can be a gentleman. He can provide fine dining experiences and elegant evenings on the town. He may also swoop you up and take you down to: _____________ (fill in the blank: Compton's Chicken Delight, Bankhead's Biscuit Bar, Sally's South Side Shrimp O'Rama, or Jamaican John's in Canarsie) and expect you to go with the flow because you are rolling with him now and this is how he gets down.

A Bad Boy is usually unpredictable, possibly temperamental and contrary to popular belief, does not like drama. Drama disrupts his carefully crafted program and while you would like to believe that you will be the one to settle him down (tsk, tsk) if you push it, you will be removed from the line-up. Bad Boys can settle down but that is a decision they make – forcing the issue is rarely worth it. Bad Boys appreciate freedom, spontaneity and adventure (hint: that's why you're not the only one). Until he decides its time to travel a different path, you might as well close them bridal magazines and stop babysitting your sister's kids – it ain't your call.

The type of Bad Boy you should seek is one who is honest. A surprising number of them uphold this particular commandment (and ONLY this commandment). The honest Bad Boy will let you know exactly where you stand with him. He may not tell you all his business (which, trust me, you don't want to know anyway) but he will tell you enough so that you can make a well-informed decision about your relationship with him.

Ladies please keep in mind you have choices – roll with it or roll away from it. At all times try and maintain a healthy perspective. The minute you shave your head in the name of love it is officially a wrap for you.

There are various types of Bad Boys and the one(s) that I have described may be different from the one(s) you know – whatever the case they all share one important skill: you will be screaming his name, his momma's name and your future baby's name out loud before the night is over. Enjoy!

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