Friday, August 24, 2007

In My Solitude
By Peppur Chambers

Each morning I wake up and stretch my legs as though I were still the competitive track athlete I once was. I then turn to my side, face the morning sun, and say, “I should really get up and go for a run.” I then squeeze my thighs for some sort of reassurance that if I do NOT in fact go for a run -- for the tenth consecutive day -- that my quads will not turn to mush. I then turn over to my other side and stretch my legs again in an effort to make my calf muscles feel like they are being exercised. I lie on my stomach, squeeze each butt cheek for measurement and firmness, again hoping they have not expanded. I turn onto my back, clasp my hands behind my head and pretend to do mini crunches until I realize my actions are futile. I then roll over to my side, staring at the beautiful LA sun and berate myself for not getting my ass up for a wonderful run. When I lived in New York and the Midwest, I could blame my inaction on crappy, cold weather; these days I have no excuse. Somehow, I wish my brain would put a leash on my leg and pull me from the bed just like a little puppy that has to pee each morning; maybe then I would get up for the run that I actually love. (Maybe I should just get a puppy??)

In the meantime, I’ve decided to sleep with the August/September issue of Heart & Soul magazine. I’m featured on pages 58-61 doing a myriad of sculpting exercises. I hope that I’ll be inspired to do the exercises I’m demonstrating. If not, I can simply stare at the photos and add images to my muscle memory! In all seriousness, I hope you’ll get the magazine and find happiness in a new workout. Enjoy!!

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