Friday, February 08, 2008

Editor's Edict ~

I have always loved the number “8” seeing as how I was born on November 8th. I find its soothing curves and intricate togetherness to be symbolic of say, myself, and I’ve always felt it is the absolute best of the numbers (as I also feel Scorpios are the best in the Zodiac.) I’m biased and that’s ok. This amorous affair with the number “8” has made my passion for this new year that much more profound. We all say it, and this year I really mean it: “2008 is going to be amazing!” Here at the sultry, sassy, sophisticated home of the Brown Betties Gazette, we’re well on our way to amazing with this month’s literary offerings:

In the feature section, “Two Sides to Every Love Story”, we have a follow-up to a story we posted previously that consisted of emails between a couple breaking up. We asked how things were going now -- several months after the break up --
and received “Take My Breath Away” as the new side of a new love story.
J. Nicole Brooks, a wonderful actor and writer, offers some sweet morsels of Harlem history in “But It’s My Voice” for the “In My Solitude” feature section. In our attempt to offer some self-help, we have our new advice column spearheaded by Brown Abbey! If you have a question that needs addressing, let us know! Once again my momma tells it like it is with “Stale Mate” for her “Momma Said” feature…and finally, we peek in on a woman’s journey to find love in “Unzipped” with her article titled, “The Goddess Yemanjá: Unwrapped”. Next month we’ll bring back more of our fiction entry installments of "Harlem's Awakening"...the back story to Harlem & Joe of “Harlem’s Night Cabaret”. As always, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! And don’t forget to visit for more on Brown Betties of Harlem’s Night Cabaret! If you have any comments, feel free to hit me up at


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