Monday, April 16, 2007

Editor's Edict ~

Welcome. I find myself at the doorstep of the second monthly issue of the Brown Betties Gazette which is adapted from the stories told in the Los Angeles-based "Harlem's Night Cabaret" as performed by the sizzly-sassy Brown Betties & Joe. "Harlem's Night" is about a woman looking for love in all the wrong places; it's sultry, it's sexy and it's autobiographical (unfortunately). While performing, I've found myself tapping into my Sensual Goddess (it is cabaret, after all)...and I like it! I acknowledge that I was a bit of a prude growing up; I'd often blush at the mere mention of dildos... gasp! .... or porn .... ewww!!....or spankin' that ass....ooooh! I secretly admired the girls that said and did what they wanted even if it appeared "unladylike". This issue (and possibly many more to come) pays homage to those girls. Meet Keshia Kola, this month's featured Brown Bettie, who has written The Shesaurus which is full of amazingly notorious words; Tanya Alexander, who poetically taps into her inner Solitude with Pieces of Tanya and Tina McDowelle who boldly shares a self-gratifying hot tub moment in Brown Bettie gone Beautifully Bad. Take a closer look at the Harlem's Night Brown Betties who each tells you what makes her A Woman. Eavesdrop on an email conversation between a boy and girl that didn't go so well in "Two Sides To Every Love Story" and for lighter fare, enjoy one woman's Unzipped weekend and see what my mom has to say this month in Momma Said. Have fun!
Peppur Chambers

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