Monday, April 16, 2007


A recruiter gives an account of how her life has been momentarily Unzipped:

i am working on an avg. of two hours sleep per night (this whole week)...i have a million applications to read over the weekend....i almost missed my flight this week...voluntarily separated myself from my bag...could not pick up the bag because baggage claim was closed when i got off work.....went to walgreens and spent $60 on supplies including a pair of pants that were so big they did not stay up even when i rolled them over three times...went to jetblue the next morning only to be told that my bag arrived WITH ME the day before...interviewed 10 candidates for our program.... right after i extended my reservation to reduce travel time (would have arrived home at midnight tonight and returned on sunday morning)..... my colleague told me there was a mouse in his room at our hotel! great! should be a restful weekend.

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