Monday, May 21, 2007

Editor’s Edict~

The Brown Betties gazette was created to explore our unique love, hate, wants and needs as Brown women. This issue speaks to this exploration with several voices offering their personal experiences that have helped make them who they are. In turn, I think when you digest their morsels of literary loveliness, you’ll see yourself in their eyes. Graph Nobel, a powerful vocal artist and our featured Brown Bettie, offers what inspires her self-expression. Carol Sims gives us a peak into why she is “Afraid” in “In My Solitude” and Megan Hughes reminds us how cherished life is in “Unzipped”. Terri Jackson reminisces of tender moments with her father in “A Lady Looks For Her Nest” and please enjoy our first fiction entry with the premier chapter of “Harlem’s Awakening” which is the back-story on the love affair between the characters Harlem and Joe of Harlem’s Night Cabaret. Finally, have a chuckle with my mom through her story of her four-mile trek in the Arizona heat in “Momma Said”. Enjoy!


Peppur Chambers

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