Monday, May 21, 2007

In My Solitude
Poetic offering from Carol Sims aka Bubblin B Suga dated May 10, 2002


I am afraid afraid to feel you
yet I feel you deep down
I am feeling your feelings

I am afraid to let my feelings flow
yet they flood your world

afraid that too much too soon
will be too much kissing and hugging and touching
and looking and oozing and boozing up on love feelings

I can hear you when I'm not listening
and I stop breathing just to listen....
then I shudder because
I can feel you and I am afraid

so afraid that when our eyes meet
I smile fearing that you will feel me too

i am afraid of knowing love again
afraid of the up and down of it all
afraid to be free and
let you catch up with me
and hold me closer than before

I am so afraid oflettingyou
that I've waited for you
all my life and now
you're here
I'm speechless at the thought of knowing
you are ready
to keep me


afraid to let you go when we part
afraid of those long tight embraces
that will eventually will squeeze

I love you
out of me

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