Friday, September 19, 2008

Editor’s Edict:

Happy September! I love this time of year. Growing up in Wisconsin, it was such a treat to watch the leaves change and to kick through a pile of fallen deep-orange, red and brown offerings from Mother Nature. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I have to look hard for those familiar treats. When I find them, I remember to be thankful for small pleasures.

September has always represented a time of change for me. Somehow, I’m sure I’m stuck on a school schedule where September was still a beginning to the new school year or perhaps I’m reminded of my days in financial investments where September was the end of the busy third quarter that kicked off the final push for the year.

This issue is about change and moving forward. I moved from Chicago to New York and New York to Los Angeles in September, so I am definitely celebrating my accomplishments this month. I hope you are too! I hope you’ve succeeding in meeting some of those goals you set on New Year’s Eve for this year; if not, you still have all of fourth quarter (October –December) to “get her done”.

Our featured Brown Bettie, actor Milauna Jemai, knows all about setting and reaching goals and does so with humor! In “Two Sides to Every Love Story”, Cecilie Davis Carter writes in with her piece, “A Conversation With A Stranger” that looks at the irony of change.

Keena Ferguson, who plays “Hate” in Harlem’s Night Cabaret, has much to be thankful for this month in “In My Solitude”, while Tanya Alexander reminds us to dance in “Haiku #10” for “The New Haiku” section; remember to treat your ears and soul to her newly-dropped spoken word album, “Pieces of Tanya”. It’s the hotness…and I’m not just saying that because she is the fabulous director of our Cabaret.

“Big Kim” returns with wonderful relationship advice for “Dear Brown Abbey”! If you have a question that needs addressing, email us at We offer job advice in the NEW column spearheaded by my “HR Guru” pops, entitled “Father Knows Best” ;)

I’m re-running my mom and Grandma’s piece for the “Momma Said” feature. Grandma needs some positive energy these days; as you read the section, PLEASE send her good vibes (her name is Alberta White)! Lastly, you’ll find the sixth fiction installment of “Harlem's Awakening”...the back story to Harlem & Joe of “Harlem’s Night Cabaret”.

I've just been added to Mahogany Butterfly! My feature blog is "Brown Bettie Knows Best". This month's article is "Always Be A Lady". Enjoy :)

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