Friday, September 19, 2008

In My Solitude
By Keena Ferguson (Brown Bettie/“Hate” in Harlem’s Night Cabaret)

What a blessed 2008 and the end to a beautiful summer! I have learned so much and I am really happy. I had and still have a lot of plans for 2008 and it has been a wonderful year, but more importantly it has been a year of growth, understanding, spiritual intimacy and trust in my own journey.

I have always heard that success is never about the destination but about the journey and many times we think, "Yeah, yeah, just get me to my destination," but living in the moment is so important because not only do you learn so much, but the destination becomes sweeter because you give all your credit to the memories and wonderful moments that got you there. It is about trusting that everything happens in its own time and knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your life. (Thanks Edwin)

Most times we ask for things or say what it is we want or put things on our vision board and the reality is that there is power in words and in what we see; however, it is more about being ready to receive it when it comes and knowing how to handle it. One of my goals was I wanted to model in a few magazines this year and I got the August cover of Black Enterprise magazine; a spread in Heart and Soul magazine and two book covers (one is “Chances Are” by Donna Hill)! I had not even thought as far as a COVER, but what a blessing it has been along with all the work that I have done this year from commercials (behind-the-scenes Pizza Hut video!) to TV shows to films...with that, in my solitude I am thankful for the virtue of humility. I am thankful that the Lord always prepares me before the blessing and I am thankful to wake up each and everyday and live my dream.

I shot “KAI”, my first short film this year that I wrote, produced, and starred in with a great cast, crew and production team and although I wanted to do it last year, it turns out this year was the absolute best time to shoot it! I received such talent from everyone involved and got a lot of perks because of the writers’ strike. I couldn't have been happier with my first short film and it is another stepping stone within my career goals.

In my solitude, I have and am still taking or, better yet, finding the time to "smell the roses"; not to be tied to my Blackberry (which I completely am); and to be “OK” to just sit still at times and reflect -- be with my own thoughts and realize that life is about balance and part of that balance is learning how to find that ironic:) As focused as my life is on acting, dancing, modeling and everything else that I do; I know that I want a fulfilled life with family, friends, love, travel and not being restricted by finances -- ever! Life is about living and without all of the facets of life we will find ourselves searching for something to fulfill some void somewhere, when the true joy comes in trusting that all will work in its perfect plan so you can take a break from pounding the pavement, take a nap during the day, get away sometimes and simply be whatever you want at anytime knowing that your destiny is yours and NO ONE or NOTHING can take that away!

In my solitude I am thankful for love in my life and a wonderful, supportive, loving, considerate and many-more-things boyfriend who has filled my heart. I am thankful for a beautifully loving family that I would give the world for. I am thankful for the gifts of talent and creativity that I get to share with the world; living my dream everyday; laughing with friends; faith that it will always work out; knowing that all my needs are forever met; perfect health in my friends and family; knowing that my path is mine and no one else's; not being afraid to love hard; the gift of humility, forgiveness and the intimate relationship with God; and the faith to know HE is in control.

In my solitude I am thankful....
Oh, and, Vote OBAMA....He will Change the World and make History

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