Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love. Hate. Want. Need.

By Sidney Gaskins

Each month, Sidney breaks down what she loves, hates, wants or needs.

What happens at the beginning of every 365-day cycle? There is a collective resolution-making frenzy. People spend the end of the prior cycle reflecting on the past and thinking of ways to bring it in the future with their New Year’s Resolution. What would happen if New Year’s Resolutions were called “New Possibility for Change”? What if this year you changed how you thought about a resolution and made it a challenge for your self, but stuck to it?

The Challenge: 2009 The Year of BOLDNESS, FREEDOM, and HAVING IT ALL.

In all areas of life these three elements can bring change if taken on as though Life depends on it. Let’s break it down in specifics to “Love”:
1) In love, BOLDNESS can break down walls; build strength and closeness; and even open an avenue for healing.
2) FREEDOM, injected into a love relationship or family situation cultivates comfort, security, acceptance, and the opportunity to speak your heart and your truth.
3) Planting the seeds of boldness and freedom can result in HAVING IT ALL in love. (Do not think that “love” necessarily has to do with an intimate relationship. Apply it to the people you love in your Life. Apply it to the most important person in your Life: YOU. Are you willing to change your love relationships this year?)

With BOLDNESS, FREEDOM, and HAVING IT ALL as a model for 2009 and beginning a regimen of love, it follows that shining the light of love on all areas of life can extricate hate, attract wants, and fulfill needs.

If I may interject, it is not an accident that I happen to be writing this at this time. Everything in this column happens to be what I am taking on. The truth is that boldness, freedom, and having it all are necessary ingredients for me to live the life I love in all areas. From 2008 to 2009 there were changes that happened but I allowed them to happen without taking action to have it go another way -- without taking true responsibility for where my Life was going. However, being on the rollercoaster is over and taking the reigns is in store so that I can have what I want. Most of all, to have the vision I see come to fruition, change is the order of the day. That vision is something that will take me outside of my comfort zone and requires change.

For me, my challenge includes: I would love to see the vision; hate to make the changes; want to be present; and need to embrace the boldness, freedom, and having it all to have 2009 be The Year of BOLDNESS, FREEDOM, and HAVING IT ALL. Will you take the Challenge with me?

Sidney Gaskins, Family and Business Consultant/Coach, is the CEO/President Enterprising Life in metropolitan Atlanta, GA. Enterprising Life encourages individuals and businesses to look outside of the box to unleash their dreams and achieve success. For more information visit: or call 678.886.3174 .

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