Thursday, January 15, 2009

Contributors offer what gets them "Unzipped"

"How Would Anybody Know I was Drunk at the Bus Stop?"
by A Mom on the Edge

Chapter 1--Holding the Line
Whenever I feel like screaming and hiding in the basement watching Lifetime all day, I remind myself that my goal as a parent is to 'hold the line'. Kids need boundaries, I am a trained therapist, I know this. I know that they push the boundaries to see if they will hold, because a strong front makes a country, a car, a mate, a child, feel safe. It is my job as a parent to hold the line on morality, social graces, education and a host of other things. Most days, I am up to the challenge. But other days, I keep flashing back to that game in gym class in elementary school. Do you guys remember Red Rover? "Red Rover, Red Rover, send the skinny, weak girl right over?..." I remember holding on so tight to that hand next to me, not wanting to be the weak link on the team. I remember the boys who use to run so hard into your hand that it brought tears to your eyes but you didn't let go. Parenting is a lot like that game. Most days, you get the weak girl trying to break through, but not really trying cause she didn't want to play anyways. But some days, that boy who got held back twice and weighs way too much is running directly at your writing arm. Wouldn't it be easier to let go and let him fall on his face? After all, was there a prize in this damn game?!! But then you remember that you have pride. and that you think you can beat him. And there is nothing worse than losing a game that you really think you have the ability to win. So come on back talking, come on bad attitude, come on 'I don't like you even though I'm wearing your last paycheck on my back', come on all you crazy mofos in the world who want to take my babies down...Red Rover, Red Rover, send that bullshit right over--mamma's waiting for ya...

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