Saturday, October 18, 2008

Editor’s Edict:

Helllooo friends! Happy October, no? It's such an exciting time for us right now...not only is the election days away, but so is Halloween -- which for me, is the kick-off to a great holiday season. My birthday is in November (the best month of the year), so October has always been the pre-curser jump-off for the special day, thus making October the second-best month of the year! Yipppeeee!

We had our Harlem's Night Cabaret show on October 4 -- another lovely Brown Bettie production. We only have two more shows left for the year (11/1 & 12/6)! Time is really going fast and has been great to us. I hope it has been the same for you. This month also marked the release of Beyonce's new video "If I Were A Boy" which features our very own Eddie Goines . Eddie guest-starred as "JOE" in the cabaret, and recently appeared in "Hey Joe" which featured six of our eight previous Joe's over our three-year history and tells Joe's side of the love story that is told in Harlem's Night Cabaret! (Congrats Eddie!)

So, let's get to it! Our featured Brown Bettie, marketing mavenesse Megan Hughes, kicks off the issue which is full of great stuff this month...from literary morsels like Tanya Alexander's Haiku and another fiction entry to Harlem's Love Story, to Cecilie Davis Carter's musings in "In My Solitude", you'll have great reading. We have wonderful contributors this month who run their own businesses: Sidney Gaskins, Margarette Purvis and my pops, Roscoe Chambers. Be sure to check out their links; you just may find something that will help make the remaining part of 2009 fantastic! And, don't forget the fun stuff: Dear Brown Abbey and words of advice in "Momma Said" written by my mother, Vicki Rogers.

Thank you for reading; please forward to a friend; and don’t forget to visit for more on Brown Betties of Harlem’s Night Cabaret! If you have any comments, feel free to hit me up at

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