Saturday, October 18, 2008

Father Knows Best
Well. It’s about time. My name is Roscoe Chambers, the proud father of (you guessed it) Peppur Chambers. Our family has been in Human Resources and owners of an Executive Search firm for several years. And because “FATHER KNOWS BEST” I’ve been asked to contribute to the award winning “Brown Betties Gazette”. I will attempt to provide pertinent information pertaining to employment search strategy for job seekers, various employment articles, and postings of open job opportunities nationwide.

Dear Readers,

Have you been inundated with calls from executive search firm that claim to always have that perfect job opportunity? Well, if not just wait….. And when you finally take the chance to answer the call, disappointment sets in because this great position the recruiter speaks about is nowhere near what you are looking to peruse. Well now you can literally control the fate of your job search.

Although there are several resume blast companies out there, I found what appears to be the best in terms of providing the job seeker several search options. In my opinion ResumeSpider ( is the best. You can control where you want your résumé sent by state, job title, industry and function. In addition, your credentials are in front of search firms that specifically place candidates in your area of interest. Overall, I think it's the best to help you acquire more job leads and contacts. Be sure to click on our business link to receive the company discount.

Go to and click on the big red "Run Search Now!" button then select your categories and click “Get Results”. You will then get to view your actual list of companies and contacts. Set up a free trial account first and review your actual list. Then you can upgrade and get 10% off by using The Kennedy Group discount code 460577.

Good Luck Hunting!

Roscoe Chambers, President
The Kennedy Group

Roscoe Chambers II is the President of The Kennedy Group, LLC, an executive search firm that takes a broad approach in the staffing of various industries and disciplines covering levels from middle- to upper- management. Please contact him at

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