Saturday, October 18, 2008

In My Solitude
"In the Valley"

By Cecilie Davis Carter

My grandmother used to tell me that after every valley, there will always be a hill. Sometimes the valley will be deep and dark, but never the less; there will always be a hill on the other side.

In my solitude, I think about how grateful I am for those valleys. If it weren’t for the time spent there, I would never know how green and beautiful the hills are. I wouldn’t know how to appreciate the journey that leads to the top. If it weren’t for the walks in the valley, I wouldn’t have anything to compare the hills to.

I am thankful for the calluses on my feet, as they are constant reminders of the hard lessons that are learned while making my way over the sharp terrain.
It is because of the darkness of the valley that I have learned to value the things that mean the most: family, friendship and love.

In my solitude, I am thankful for the valley, as I am stronger each time I reach the top of that hill.

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