Monday, February 16, 2009

Editor’s Edict:

Happy President’s Day. Did you buy some sheets? I don’t understand why President’s Day was ever associated with linens. Perhaps I will look it up one day.

We have a great Gazette for you this month. Our topic is “Passion” and our writers rose to the challenge. There’s lots of good stuff…my dad gives some encouraging job-searching tips and talks about his experience with Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup in “Father Knows Best” while my mom has some passionate thoughts about Corn in “Momma Said”. (Hmmm.) You’ll find great tips on Life in Sidney Gaskins, Love, Hate, Want, Need article and on Taxes from our resident accountant, Baadja Lyne-Ouba.

Cecilie Davis Carter and Tanya Alexander-Henderson both rock the rhyming with their gorgeous poetry. Cecilie speaks of a bleak life Without Passion and Tanya smiles in the glow of what she loves. Get your last dose of literature in the ninth fiction installment of "Harlem's Awakening". Things are picking up with Harlem.

We have three new articles, “Bad Boy Joe” where we feature a Joe from our cabaret; "Brown Bettie Beautifully" by Keena Ferguson and “Brown Bettie Knows Best” where you can get tips from the forthcoming “Brown Betties Guide to How To Look For Love In All The Wrong Places”. Fun times, kids!

Our featured February Brown Bettie is fabulous Brooklyn author, Asha Bandele (The Prisoner's Wife, Something Like Beautiful)…as you read her interview, get ready to be schooled, like I was!

Check out the NEW for more Brown Betties. There’s so much there! If you have any comments, feel free to hit me up at

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