Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Spotlight

The It Factor
by Tanya Alexander-Henderson

Poetry does a body good, no, a soul, twice a spirit.
It clears the mind, inspires the heart, frees the worries and conquers the fears.
It keeps me sane.
It encourages my insanity and makes it alright.
It loves my pen and adores my paper.
It speaks my mind to me.
It whispers my dreams and shouts my soul.
It glows.
It bounces a cool breeze off the hot of my mind and calms me.
It quenches my thirst for passion and freedom by drenching my intentions with the flow of words.
It makes me smile and think about me in the center of all this wonderfulness.
It is love.
Love on paper and spoken out loud.
It is marvelous, fantastical and magical--marfastical! Ha!
It makes me make up words.
It makes me laugh and feel as deep as I can without tears.
It is a gift of the utmost pleasure, an orgasm from God!
It is...it is the shit. It is.
Poetry is me.

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