Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Editor's Edict
I’m sitting here with my five-month old kitty, “Iris” in my lap. I’ve wanted another cat since my family had to leave “Sylvester” behind with neighbors when we moved from Wisconsin to Texas when I was twelve. This cat is a long time comin’ and, for me, is a personal sign of Growth, which is this month’s topic.

Growth can present itself in many forms, like the Devil, as my Grandma Gordon used to say – Ha! Hopefully you’ll find plenty of good, rather than evil with “Father Knows Best” where my dad tips you on how to grow personally even after receiving a Pink Slip and Life and Business Development coach Sidney Gaskins offers insight on how to achieve a fulfilling life in, “Enterprising Bettie”. My mom parallels how she has grown through life with a poem entitled, “Original Bitch” for "Momma Said"…if you can tell us who the Original Bitch is at newsletter@brownbetties.com, we’ll send you a Brown Bettie gift!

Our featured March Brown Bettie is actor, artist and mom, Rachel Matos. You’ll find her words will inspire you to continue in your own journey with conviction, passion, and focus!

What’s life’s journey without a “Bad Boy”? This month’s featured Bad Boy Joe from our cabaret is the wonderful Thom Scott and if you’re having troubles with Bad Boys when searching for romance, don’t forget Tip #6 from the forthcoming “Brown Betties Guide to How To Look For Love In All The Wrong Places”.

Keena Ferguson was in the right place in January for President Obama’s inauguration. We continue with Day 2 of her three-day journal experience in “Brown Bettie Beautifully”.

Get your dose of literature in the tenth fiction installment of "Harlem's Awakening". Things are picking up with Harlem. Its tax-time, and this can hurt like the devil, but our resident accountant, Baadja Lyne-Ouba, helps by telling why you should file on time…then, mellow out with poetry from Cecilie Davis Carter, Tanya Alexander-Henderson and introducing our newest Brown Bettie, Chloe Williams with her poem I Am Woman.

Have a wonderful rest of the month and continue to GROW!

The Hot One

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