Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dawn of a Woman
by: Monique (Chameleon) Campbell

I cry over our yesterdays at night while you sleep
Dreaming of your tomorrows
In the morning
When sunshine bleeds through indigo skies
I reapply my disguise to look more like
the girl you once knew me to be
When in reality
The person this experience has forced me to become
Is much more womanly
You awake to a girl who’s happy to get
whatever time you can manage to spare
When really
I’m a woman who’s adjusted quite fine to living a life without you here
You see a wounded soul holding tight to anything camouflaged as real love
But if you look closer you’ll see a warrior
who sleeps comfortably in the arms of self love
You think that I’m the bedroom fantasy
that your father told you to always keep on the side
But your mother dared you to bring home
Well your half right
Because I am a sex goddess who is as equally domestic
as I am brilliant enough to cook the bacon
And bring it home
I smile at my tomorrows while you are awake
Oblivious to my metamorphosis
And tonight
When darkness chases an orange sky
I’ll remove my disguise for the last time
And introduce you to the woman that you forced me to be
But in all honesty
I’m not mad at the heartache that you caused
Because I’m much wiser and stronger; ultimately
You’ll finally meet the woman who’s been able
to give you all of herself
Even though your love was only part time
You’ll finally see that everything that you ran the streets looking for
Has been here at your side the whole time
And tonight
You will understand that love is not just a word
that you whisper in my ear in the middle of sex to keep my wet
I am hurt but I’m not afraid to let you go with absolutely no regrets
Tomorrow morning will be bittersweet
A subtle blend of melancholy and a dash of conquest
will fill my overcast skies
I’ll throw away my foolish girl disguise
and smile at the woman love has forced me to be
Because I’m wiser and stronger; ultimately

*Photo by Ev Salomon. Stills from the short film “Morning After” by Tina Divina

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