Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Editor’s Edict:

A snapshot. That’s what we have this month. We take a dissected look at Tina McDowelle – our featured Brown Bettie and a new artist -- as she emerges to share her musical tableau with whomever will stop, look and listen…we take a moment to look at “BarackillaryObamainton” a cross-pollinated picture 0f Barack and Hillary that made me think of there being two sides to every love story…in our minds’ eye we can almost see the still photo of K. Hill as she sits in her solitude…with the poem “Dawn of a Woman” we taste bittersweet melancholy while flipping through the pages of a photo album of a relationship traveling from yesterday to tomorrow…Dear Brown Abbey says to look at the picture in your gut for the answer to a very popular question…and we get a flash photo of who my grandma may or may not be in Momma Said. We end this month with more fiction from “Harlem’s Awakening”, entitled, “Intruder”.
Happy reading!
The Hot One

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