Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In My Solitude

In that quiet time, when no one's around and no one's watching, I steal away in my mind. It is in those precious moments I find my solitude. You'll find me sitting on my bed, listening to the birds chirp off in some distant tree. The sound is faint but I can hear. Looking out of the window, grateful to see the sun shine another day, in my solitude I sit and have tea with my thoughts, just us two. Planning, contemplating, worrying, laughing – all of the above and I'm enjoying this time we that we share. It gives me an opportunity to evaluate self and ensure that my steps are consistent in the direction I want to go on this life journey of mine. For many of us, the rat race ensues and engulfs, we look up [or wake up] and realize that the life we're living is not really our own. Commitments, obligations and expectations have filled in for choices and we wonder to ourselves, "Is this the life I truly want, or is it the life I think I'm supposed to want?" For me, I am focused on living the life I truly want to live and allowing that simple purpose to express itself in my everyday actions. Maybe today I'll visit that paper store in the next town and discover a new creative wonderland, or perhaps I'll check out a matinee of Horton Hears A Who and reconnect with my inner silly goose, giggling until my sides hurt. Who knows, there are so many possibilities for this new day, so many opportunities for joy, what will I do? How will I decide? That has yet to be determined so for right now, in this moment and in my solitude I will simply…be.

K. Hill, Designer and Couture Invitation Consultant, owns and operates the Cinnamon Kiss Paper Studio from her quaint town of Homewood, IL just outside of the bustling Chicago city limits. Cinnamon Kiss Paper Studio combines traditional graphic design with handmade papers and custom embellishments to create unique, custom invitations and party favors. Services include logo and monogram design, custom invitations, corporate identity systems and art & design research. For more information visit: www.CinnamonKissPaper.com or call 708-798-8644.

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