Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Staying on the Ride of Life
3 Actions to Overcome Circumstances
By Sidney Gaskins

“The people and circumstance around me do not make me what I am, they reveal who I am” Laura Schlessinger

Circumstances are often thought to be the overwhelming factors in decisions and choices. Maybe this will be good news for some, circumstances are simply “accessory facts or details” that we often give undue credence. In the current “economic” state, we are bombarded with circumstances: unemployment rates, high prices, fear of “x” happening. Right now, there are few conversations for having life be a blessing regardless of the circumstances. Life is just one circumstance after another, each day hands us circumstance after circumstance. How do you manage to live through them and come out as a diamond? In this season of renewal, take these 3 actions to heart and repeat them regularly:

1. Relax
Often when we are in the middle of the storm or circumstance the tension is unbelievable, frustration is high, and it is hard to see our way out. Find a place of quiet, which may mean turning off the television, radio, cell phone, computer, and refusing company to gather your thoughts. Relaxing will allow you to let the racing in your mind to slow down, it will quiet the voices, and release any emotions that have been bottled up. Once you allow yourself to relax you can begin to clearly create a plan of action.

2. ReGroove
ReGrooving is the process of planning to do something that is different from what you have been doing. Here you take stock of your abilities, what talents you possess, all of the resources at your disposal. Yes, it includes finances, people, jobs, etc. The new actions you will take may be radical and unexpected; they will take courage and planning, and will move you to a new level of responsibility, freedom, joy, and peace. This is where you begin to purge the old and produce new blossoms. As a part of this process you will begin to see all you have which will lead you into the last, but most important step.

3. Rejoice
In hard times or in circumstances when you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, the simple principle of Thanks is necessary. Why rejoice last? To rejoice you have to be able to see what you already have, if you never stop to see it, you will never appreciate it enough to “be gladdened”. The word “rejoice” is a verb, which means it is active, you cannot rejoice passively. Be glad that you have the opportunity to move your life to another level, be glad that you have the people around you, be glad that you have a voice to speak, be glad that you have a mind to create, and you will be amazed at how your circumstances become a stepping stone.

Circumstances are a part of Life, let them be a part of building what you want and allow them to reveal the diamond within.

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