Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Love, Hate, Want, Need
By Bettie Brown

Miss Bettie Brown tells us what she loves, hates, wants or needs.

Like many, I’m a girl that likes to be waaarrrm when she goes to sleep. That means I’m jumping into bed in green and yellow flowered flannel PJ’s, a long-sleeved T-shirt and red wool socks. That’s not sexy, and I know it.

Sure I want to wear lacy thongs and demi-bras and garters and such…but really, sometimes it’s all just too much. I need to be a grown up and just STOP IT with the cotton bras, boy shorts and tank tops, even though they are sooo comfortable. “Comfort” is no longer a viable excuse especially since I don’t have any particular aversion to girly stuff; I love how beautiful lingerie looks on me and rejoice in its residual effects. When I realize this, I hate that I don’t even make an effort to treat myself (and my BF) to something nicer!

It’s time to change.

I love vintage and have one night gown I will start wearing at least once a month. It is a long flowing sheer white gown that belonged to my Grams… As she gave it to me and I held it up to her, I remember saying, “Grandma, it’s so see through!” She said, “Doesn’t matter, you don’t keep it on for long!” (Yippeee!)

Next, I went shopping online at my favorite store, Agent Provocateur. These items are in my virtual shopping basket, to be purchased at a later date:

$160 Love demi bra (Gorgeous!)

$170.00 Grace

Nicola Bra $150 (sweet 'n cute)
$90 Nicola Thong

$180 Faran Bra
$250 Faran Waspie (cool!)
$170 Jacqueline

(would rock this under a wife-beater or a vintage slip!)

I look forward to having a better lingerie life! Good luck with your own.

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