Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Editor's Edict
I’m at one of my “office” cafes, Solar de Cahuenga on Cahuenga and Franklin in Hollywood. As I stare out the huge picture window to my left to ponder “Harmony”, this month’s Gazette topic, I’m aware of the lovely blue sky that seems to rest its elbows on the forest-covered mountain-top with ridges that remind me of the indentations in my molars. Los Angeles whizzes by at street level as this café is situated at a busy crossway with roads to Highway 101 to the North and into the “glitz and glamour” of Hollywood Boulevard to the South. There’s a bit of a breeze today and the Palm trees sway with each gentle nudge. I take this all in and I think, “There is Harmony here”. Is it possible then that Harmony is merely a perception? I mean, really, how do we achieve harmony…is it something we create like a pretty mish-mashed ball of red, yellow, orange and blue PlayDough? Is it something we welcome like a friendly neighbor offering a hot cherry pie? Or … is it just outside our window? The guy behind me who just called his doctor to confirm an appointment tomorrow may not see harmony outside our window. If I was feeling ambitious today, I’d turn to him and ask his opinion…alas, I won’t because that would probably just be weird. Instead, I’ll take the harmonious feeling I’ve just acquired and pop it into a little container with a yellow plastic top to be played with whenever I might need it.

Enjoy your May/June 2009 Brown Betties Gazette!

Peppur Chambers
The Hot One

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