Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Sides
by Shantai Nicole

Shantai offers her two cents on the two sides to relationships and everything that comes with 'em.

How do you know if a man is truly interested?

First, I believe that you already know when a man is interested in you. When he's interested he:

· Calls you all the time (to the point where you rarely worry why he isn't calling)
· Pursues you by giving you lots of attention and compliments
· Wants to take you places with his friends and family
· He wants to both share his feelings with you, and hear and listen to your feelings (well, sometimes!)

I'm sure you know these are the signs of a man who is truly interested.

What I don't think you understand is, if you're looking for an answer about a man's interest level, then the question is "how do you know when a man is not really interested?" Here are some telltale signs:

· He doesn't call often
· He goes for entire weekends without inviting you somewhere, or asking to be with you with out a great excuse
· He doesn't let you know what he's doing with his spare time (because he might be interested in or dating someone else)
· He talks about how he's not looking for a "serious" relationship

Now, knowing all this, there's something that is way more important than trying to guess whether a man is interested in you.

You could spend hours worrying as you try to get into his head and figure out what in the world he might be thinking and feeling from the time you've spent together. But why put yourself in this position? Why wait around and wonder if he'll like you? Besides, aren't men "supposed to" pursue and court the woman?

Well, there's a way around worrying about all this. The way around all the guesswork is to stop guessing and instead start doing the things that always work to create intense attraction inside a man. When a man feels a deep level of attraction for a woman, all his old "logic" goes out the window. A man who used to be certain that he didn't want to be in a committed relationship, who didn't like talking on the phone, and who didn't like public displays of affection can instantly be transformed by the attraction he feels. When a man experiences a deep level of attraction for a woman, he literally can't control how he feels. Or what he does.

Which means...

When you do the things that are sure to make a man feel that gut-level attraction that goes deeper than just his physical attraction and desires... He'll do and try anything to be close to you. The trick here is knowing what it is that makes a man feel this kind of attraction for you. Sorry ladies, that part you are on your own about…

I’m going to try and switch it up for you from time to time, but until next time, best to you in life and love.

P.S. It's not the dark ages anymore. Being alive and single at this time can be a huge blessing.

Shantai Nicole
Twitter: LadySNM

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