Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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A Journey of a Million Miles:
Being in Harmony with the Flow of Life
By Sidney Gaskins

Butterflies are one of my favorite creatures. Their beauty and transformation have always amazed me. Maybe it is due to the butterfly decal my Mom had in the rear window of our 1970’s Ford Station Wagon. I like to think that the process of butterflies sprouting those beautiful wings is similar to the Life of a human being.

We all have a time when we will sprout wings. Metaphorically speaking, it comes at different times for everyone. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly occurs without struggle or strain; it is just a part of the cycle of the caterpillar to butterfly. There are over 160,000 types of butterflies in the world, just as there are differences in people. From the beginning a caterpillar is a voracious eater consuming food, (ever read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar?). In the next phase, it ceases to consume food and goes into a “mummy-like” state. Some caterpillars go into this phase by covering themselves with a cocoon, hiding in dirt, or simply suspend themselves from trees using a silk pad attached to a tree. Whatever way they choose, the caterpillar goes into a world of its own until it is time for it to emerge completely transformed.

The life of a caterpillar is not unlike the Life of a human. At the beginning of Life, we take in everything from food to noises to faces. At some point, we break away and begin creating our own cocoon. It could be the cocoon of our friends, family, neighborhood, college, trade school, or job that serves to give us what we want. What happens in that cocoon can dictate our characteristics when we emerge, if we emerge at all. If the cocoon is too tight, gets damaged, or if there is an accident, the contents may be skewed, miss necessary elements, or not see the light of day. The cocoon is there to serve as a place for growth and development of the things necessary to survive in the next phase.

Once the butterfly appears, it is miraculous and it instinctively goes on its way. Some butterflies are great navigators, flying upwards of 1800 miles to their Fall destination where they’ll meet up with others; while some stick around pollinating the plants. No matter what, each type does its job without fuss, fight, or complaint because it is in harmony with Life. For you, having harmony means your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings are in agreement. Harmony is not elusive; you can create harmony with these four ingredients:

1. Focus on Your Goal
2. Be Aware of What and Who Surrounds You
3. Put Your Feelings in Check
4. Fly, Fly, Fly

The next thing you know you will be in the flow of Life, your wings will appear and you too, will be miraculous.

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