Thursday, June 18, 2009

In My Solitude

By Cecilie Davis Carter

I can finally say that I’ve given up my license to drive. Instead, I now have a Chauffeur. He picks me up every morning and takes me wherever I need to be. Even when there’s traffic, He gets me to my destination unscathed. Not only does He guide my every move, but He is also an amazing companion. When the weather is bad or there is loud construction on the road, He talks to me and makes me feel balanced, at ease and harmonious. I always feel comfortable in His car. He lets me vent about my problems, issues or concerns, and He gives me great advice. Sometimes when I’m down or in a bad mood, and I lash out at HIM, He forgives me. We seem to have gotten closer since I’ve been riding in His car. When I’m in trouble, it’s as if He’s always there. After we talk, I always feel happy and content. I feel like I can really depend on my chauffeur. If you don’t have His number, I’d be more than happy to give it to you. I was lucky enough to have gotten His number one day when I took a wrong turn and had to ask for directions. He’s easy to reach. If He seems like he’s busy, or not at home, just leave a message, and He will definitely get back to you. But remember you have to give up your license. There’s no room for both of you in the driver’s seat.

In my solitude, I am full of love, peace, faith and HARMONY.

Be Well.

Cecilie is a writer, actor, producer living in Los Angeles

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